How to create a SWOT analysis chart:

Published: 28th January 2010
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Creating a SWOT analysis chart is not an easy task. It requires enough time, energy, and research. It is necessary to do SWOT analysis yearly, or order to get full command of your business and competitors. Analysis is considered as a common marketing tool in every business now days.

There are many different formats of SWOT analysis display. There are many entrepreneurs who don't know the skills of making this important strategic planning tool and for this they start seeking for a successful way to create and present SWOT analysis. There are number of software that can be used in creating an overview of SWOT analysis. By using the software, you will be able to make your SWOT analysis chart easily and effectively.

SWOT analysis chart can be created in three easy steps:

Brainstorm SWOT analysis:

For performing SWOT analysis, mind mapping is considered as one of the most powerful brainstorming technique. SWOT analysis is based on mind mapping, which allows you to think about Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, just by creating a web of ideas on a Mind Map. You can use the templates provided by the software or can also create a chart by your own.

Take notes and attached information, relevant information to your SWOT analysis chart:

By adding notes and citing sources, you can give detailed on each topic in your SWOT analysis chart. You can also attach some relevant files in your SWOT analysis that facilitates your management team and ensures insightful decision making.

Create SWOT analysis reports and presentations:

You can easily create a SWOT analysis reports and presentations, with the help of MS. Excel or other software available in the market.

Carefully analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in order to hold tight grip on your company. No matter, how small or big your company is, don't ever say that you are perfect. Showing SWOT analysis chart in your business plan helps you to attack your competitors and gain competitors edge over your competitors. helps businesses take effective decisions by producing custom SWOT analysis report that includes SWOT chart.

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